Rainbow of the main pasture

Renegade Wind is proud to be one of only a small, but growing group of commercial iron free facilities. Iron free means we don’t use bits or shoes with our horses. We offer horse boarding with a non-competitive, peaceful and positive atmosphere for both you and your equine companion. We will take care of your horse as if he or she were our own and do our very best to make sure your horse thrives while here.

Sherry and Shreck wading in the creek

Horses enjoy a herd environment in a 12 acre main pasture where they can choose their friends and move around. When inside, horses are stalled next to their buddies, which allows important social interaction due to slightly lower stall dividers. Slow feeder hay nets are provided to maximize their time eating when stalled, helping gastrointestinal health. During summer months, the horses spend their time lazing away grazing the lower pasture. For times when you don’t want to ride, there are a multitude of horse enrichment toys and obstacles to play with. These are just some of the ways we try to make sure your horse is provided with an environment to help him or her maintain optimal physical and psychological health.

Daily Care:

● 24/7 access to hay with off-the-ground feeders
● Grain fed 2x/day
● Owner-supplied supplements added to feed per instruction
● Stalls cleaned daily
● Turnout 24/7 except in inclement weather. We bring the horses in twice daily for grain
● We will happily put on and take off blankets, fly masks/boots and fly spray at no extra charge

Amenities Include:

● 120 x 60 Indoor arena
● 180 x 100 Outdoor sand arena
● 100 x 75 Outdoor obstacle/agility arena
● 200 x 100 Paddock Track for Horses that can’t have grass
● Beautiful heated boarder/student lounge with kitchen, TV, DVD player, Equine Library
● Heated Bathroom
● Groomed trails on property bordering Honeoye Falls Creek, 5 minutes from the Lehigh Valley Trail, 10 minutes from Mendon Ponds Park
Full care $500 plus sales tax/month