Education of the Rider

As with the education of the horse, we strive to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and as stress-free as possible for the student.
I don’t think anyone learns easily in an environment of intimidation, fear or pressure. Due to this, all of my lessons are private and tailored to the goals, personality and ability of the student and horse. There is no pressure to keep up with someone else in a lesson and no frustration in being held back. This allows ample opportunity to develop confidence around and on the horse and freedom to explore aspects of horsemanship that may not appeal to another student. It also gives me the flexibility to change the lesson plan for that day based on the student’s and/or horse’s frame of mind. Each student, regardless of experience, will start with at least a few lessons on the ground before any saddle work may be attempted. These early lessons will give a foundation in learning to build a relationship with the horse and see the world from their perspective along with developing leadership sans force or dominance. Riding is not a necessary component to enlightened horsemanship. Many people enjoy working and playing with their horses without ever riding. Groundwork will continue to be interspersed with the student’s education as a primary component to relationship and educating the horse as well. Additionally, the student will be taught basic equine first aid, feeding and environmental practices and given opportunities to observe equine chiropractic and dental care along with hoof trimming.

We have many options for you with our equine program. Of course, there are the basics of learning to walk, trot and canter a horse. After that you can explore trail riding, advanced arena riding, riding with a cordeo (neckstrap), negotiating trail obstacles, advanced ground work and equine agility, a variation on dog agility courses. We welcome visitors and I encourage you to set up a time to observe some lessons, get a feel for our philosophy and meet our equine mentors.