Our Equine Mentors

Many people want to be known as horse whisperers but I encourage my students to become horse listeners, for they have much to tell us and teach us. Please take a moment to meet our equine educators.

Face photo of Leo


Leo is a very sweet and clever horse who likes nothing more than exploring trails. Steady and reliable, his versatility is suitable for beginners and up.

Nickolai (Nick)

Nick is our Arabian Dreamhorse. He has patiently taught me and others to ride from our seat, feel what is happening beneath us and work with our horse, not against him. In this picture, we are working on our mounted archery, bridleless in a cordeo.

Kim doing mounted archery on Nick without a bridle

Impi bowling

Indiana Jones (Hero)

Hero is a brilliant Arabian pony cross. In this picture he is trying to bowl and probably explaining to his assistant that she needs to reset the pins.

Almost Willie Nelson

This Arabian/Saddlebred cross is “Always On My Mind.” I met him as a yearling and it was love at first sight. Willie’s charming personality endears him to many and he finds people very interesting.

Head photo of Willie